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Hunting in Spain for the 4 Ibex is considered as a Grand Slam. Most hunters around the world are willing to be able to do this fantastic mountain hunting.

Spain has four different ibexes and each one of then has its own particularity for its shape and area of hunting. Probably the most important issue when hunting the 4 ibex is the possibility of getting in touch with quite the different mountains and the way of living itself.
The 4 areas are:

  • Gredos: At Gredos mountains are astonishing for ibex hunting. These ibexes are the biggest of the four-sub species in Spain. They have a typical Lira shape.
  • Beceite: Close to the Pyrenees the Beceite ibex is well known for its characteristically flat (plane) shape horns. As well as other ibex hunts in Spain the Beceite one is quite demanding with beautiful sharp mountains.
  • South Eastern: The “Mediterranean” one. You hunt this ibex quite close to the Mediterranean Sea at the boundaries of Sierra Nevada (highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula). The shape of their horns is rounded (ram shape).
  • Ronda: It is the smaller of the four. The hunt is beautifully stalked through Spanish oack and olive fields before you get to the big cuts and rocky areas of the hunt. The shape of this beautiful ibex is straight.


Ibex Grand Slam




La Casa de Los Tomillares: Impressive Relaix Chateau. The food it’s just unbelievable as the owner is a Cordon Bleu chef. The garden and the views are just magnificent.
It is just 45 min drive from the hunting grounds.

We can also go into the Gredos Mountains. We have the possibility of sleeping in a super country house in the same hunting area. All meals and drinks (also alcoholic) included. We would start hunting from the house back yard!

For the hunt we use horses (included).


Ibex Hunt Spain



We stay at the Parador at Tortosa or in one of the magnificent Hotel & Spa that the area has to offer the best to our clients.

Great hotels just at the boundaries of the hunting area.
The Food its simply fantastic and it is accompanied by the great wines of the area and can be also marinated with excellent Mediterranean Seafood. The area is also well known for its superb vegetables and fruits. Depending on the season we can have the opportunity of tasting the world famous black truffles.

The hunt is demanding. We will have to do quite Scouting and do sightings to the impressive balconies that geology has created for ages here.


Caza Ibice Español



Located in Granada, Almeria and northern Málaga province. This Ibex is well known for its ram shaped horns. The hunt is taken in beautiful settings some of them facing the Mediterranean Sea.


Caza Ibice España


We are close to the astonishing city of Granada where we can visit the Alhambra.
Delicious seafood, roc fishes or red meat are combined with the Andalusian olive oil and sweeter wines.


Spain Ibex Hunt



Rough terrain with the smaller ibex of all four Spanish sub species.
The horns have straight shape and the cape is quite “caramel” coloured.

We would lodge at the Ronda Parador. Ronda is a great city to visit as well as the surroundings of the mountains with the bullfighting bull farms and the great Sierra.

Food is a must in this area with great wines, superb grilled baby goat or cheeses.


Caza Mayor España


For this hunts we recommend at least 3 hunting days per ibex plus 1 day for driving each.
If its to be made in just one trip, the best is to do it in mid-October to Mid-December (autumn season) or 15 February to 31st June (spring season).

If the hunt its to be made in two trips we recommend:

  • Autumn season for Gredos and Beceite one trip.
  • Spring season for Southeastern and Ronda 2nd trip.

In both trips we will always use the best accommodation possible and of course the best wines.

We should issue all hunting permits and hunting insurances for all 4 areas.

If the client doesn’t want to bring his own rifle we count with 4 mountain hunting guns equipped with the best optics.

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