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Last week we went back up to the Gredos mountains with a very good Spanish friend and client.

On Monday afternoon I picked up Jose at his house and after 2 hours drive we reached our private property, still on daylight so we could enjoy the fantastic beauty of the area.

We had dinner and slept in one of the charming little refuges in the middle of the mountain, were Maria Jesus, our nice chef, cooked and took care of us. After a few drinks by the fire, we went to sleep excited about tomorrows hunt.

gredos-hunt-spain   monteria hunting gredos

Next morning, we had a complete breakfast at 8 o’clock and we jump in the car and drive for 40 minutes all the way up into the mountains.

Our property is in the south face of the Gredos mountains, just by the National park. In the bottom part of the mountains the altitude is around 600 meters (1800 feet) and in the highest pick, the Almanzor, the altitude is 2591 meters (almost 8000 feet).

We can reach with the car to an altitude around 1500 meters (4500 feet), and from there we walk or we ride horses.
In this case, because Jose is young and fit, we stalked from there. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and not very windy. So on our way up, we started spotting lots of females and some males also…

hunting gredos  hunt-gredos

Our target was to find an old ibex, scoring around 205 CIC points (bronze medal). After 4 hours walking we spotted 2 nice males, and one of those look to us like the perfect one. They were 450 meters away from us, so we approached them until we were 200 meters from them. We founded a good rock were to rest, and I prepared my backpack for Jose to rest his rifle.

The ibexes started to walk up the mountain, and as soon as our shooter stopped on a good sidewise position, Jose toked his shot. It was a perfect shot! 230 meters away from the ibex and he hit him perfectly, dropping down the animal and finishing him with no suffer.

It toked us another 20 minutes to reach the trophy. What a nice trophy! Typical Gredos ibex with the shape of the lire, and he finally scored 208,5 CIC points.

We toked lots of pictures, had lunch by the trophy and start our way back down to the car. After 4 hours down, we reached the car, we did all the paper work and drive back to Madrid.

It was worth it all the effort we did that day. What an incredible hunt, enjoying the mountains, and harvesting such a nice trophy. By the way he was 12 years old.

This was a great experience. Congratulations Jose, and thank you very much for your support!

We still have more permits in this unique area. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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