Ibex Hunting in Spain

Gredos Ibex Hunt

We have started our hunting season, and yesterday we went up to the Gredos mountains for our first hunt of the season!

Our friend and client, a Belgian hunter, came once again with Spain Outfitters this time looking for a very special, huge and old Gredos Ibex.

We drove from Madrid on Sunday afternoon, only 2 hours drive to get to our private hunting estate in the south face of the Gredos mountains. With no doubt the best hunting area in the country for ibex hunting. It is a unique place incredibly well managed after many years of passionate dedication from the owners, making an incredible effort with the one and only objective to increase quantity and quality of this unique animal in the world. Their staff is simply amazing, 8 game keepers and 2 ladies dedicate their lives to maintain such a natural paradise, making the experience of a hunter an experience of a lifetime!

Monday morning we woke up early and by 6:30 we were already in the car driving from the lodge (600 meters altitude) to the highest place you can reach by car (1400 meters altitude). Once there, around 7:30 the keepers were waiting for us with horses. Before daylight we were already riding up almost to the top where we knew the big ibex we where looking for has been seen the days before (around 1800 meters altitude). It took us 1 hour and a half to get to a high spot from where we were glassing in order to find the billy.

After a few minutes in between the clouds and fog, we spotted several different ibexes, but not the one! Finally, like a ghost, he showed up on top of a rock, walking slowly warming up with the first warm sunlight. It was 500 meters distance downhill, so we decide to start our approach trying to short up the distance at least to 200 meters.

On our way down, we were surrounded by a deep fog that only aloud us to see 30 meters away. We stopped and wait until the wind will push the fog away… after more lees 20 long minutes of absolute silence, suddenly this enormous magnificent ibex appeared below us, only 50 meters away from us, climbing up the mountain trying to get to the top. Everything happened very quickly, I prepared my bag pack on the top of the rock, placed the client in a good position, and he fire our company rifle, a 300 win mag blaser R8, making a perfect shot that instantly killed the ibex without any suffer for the animal. WOW!! We could not believe it! The hunt was done! We were shacking and over excited! We approach to the animal, and there he was… even bigger and more beautiful than what we thought! Especially extraordinary big in bases! 29 cm! Normally they are around 24 cm! imagine what a unique trophy! The final score is 257 CIC points. For sure one of the biggest ibexes of the season!

What an incredible way to start the season!

Do not hesitate to contact us for a hunt of a lifetime!

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